Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum utilizes theme-based lessons to strengthen their emerging skills in reading, writing, science, technology, and math. Through teacher guided instruction and child-led exploration, Kindergarten readiness is fostered through balanced focus on effective communication, the ability to follow instruction, and how to work cooperatively with peers. Our curriculum expands on key building blocks.

  • Creative Arts & Music: Together, we explore rhythms, sing in groups, learn about instruments of all kinds and create beautiful artwork, thanks to increasing hand-eye coordination.

  • Physical & Well-Being: Learning to live a healthy, active life begins in the preschool years. Large motor activities along with small muscle strength are both necessary for building fine-motor skills and healthy bodies. They're developing large motor skills for sports and dance, and fine motor skills for writing and playing music.

  • Language & Literacy: The preschool years are critical for language, literacy and a love of reading. Together with fostering verbal communication, reading and writing continue to develop through creative journaling and a classroom filled with labeled items expanding their vocabulary and sight word knowledge.

  • Mathematics & Science: One day it's interactive learning on the whiteboard and the next day it's STEM activities or exploring new things.

  • Social & Emotional: Children are building confidence and self-esteem by choosing playtime partners, forming close bonds, and taking care of personal needs all by themselves.

  • Cognitive: The development of reasoning skills allow preschool children to create innovative solutions as well as the ability to persist in solving difficult problems. It's all about the individual as we learn through a variety of themes and styles, so every child progresses naturally and without frustration.