It's an amazing time in your child's life! You can count on us to attend to your infant's every need and listen carefully to you - the parent - so that your needs are met as well. Leaving your baby in someone else's care can be an anxious time, trust Little Tykes to keep you informed and connected each and every day!




Our infant curriculum creates a solid foundation for your little ones future growth and development. By creating strong bonds, learning through play and stimulating their five senses, even our youngest students are encouraged to explore the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment. Primary caregivers introduce a theme-based curriculum which is enhanced with enrichment programs.

  • Fine Motor: Infants develop their fine motor skills by clapping their hands to music, picking up finger foods, and holding onto their favorite toys to build hand and finger dexterity along with hand-eye coordination.

  • Language: From hearing to processing sounds to palate development, language skills flourish by expressing wants and needs, repetition, and the use of American Sign Language. This reduces pre-verbal frustration by closing the gap between their desire and ability to communicate while having their needs understood.

  • Movement in Space: When babies are rockin'-and-rollin', cruising along, and taking first steps, they are getting stronger and stronger from head to toe, and it shows!

  • Social & Emotional: Each smile, embrace and encouraging word builds trust and helps children to thrive in social settings, which sets them up for healthy relationships.

  • Cognitive: Stimulating brain function, infants are invited to become investigators and cheer on their discoveries, which builds skills such as object permanence and rationalization.





For infants, every interaction is an opportunity to grow. We balance nurturing care, with the fundamentals of learning in an environment for all areas of a infant's development. This happens through individualized care and attention to a baby's on-demand schedule because there is no such thing as a typical day, this is why the daily schedule is determined by your child, not by us. 

Exploration is key for infants as they are striving to make sense of the world around them. Our infant suite is the perfect developmentally appropriate environment for little ones to discover their bodily powers as they learn to move, pull up, roll over and eventually crawl.