Children ages 18 months up to three years of age develop faster than almost any other age group, and in their minds, the world is changing by the minute. Our Toddler Program is designed to make the most of every one of their fast-paced milestones.




Our Toddler curriculum builds autonomy through the exploration of math, science, problem solving, vocabulary and the arts. Teachers watch for a child's social and emotional cues to advance their development and communication. The toddler classrooms feature center-based learning created to build upon the skills each child acquires, at the various ages of development. Learning areas are filled with fun and age-appropriate puzzles, manipulatives, games and toys. Your child will be learning through play, but beyond all the fun and games, you'll find:

  • Creative Arts & Music: Music, repetition, and movement are infused into group time and transitions. Creative arts are explored through textures, design and, of course, your child's imagination!

  • Physical & Well-being: By walking and running, toddlers are gaining control over small and large muscles, fine-tuning their movements, and carving out their very own paths.

  • Language & Literacy: Muscle control and cognitive advancements make way for very interesting conversations, which we relish and encourage, as toddlers express their thoughts and needs.

  • Mathematics & Science: Teachers utilize counting, patterning, and matching colors and shapes, providing an early foundation for science and math.

  • Social & Emotional: Independence really shines through as toddlers choose friends and delight in pleasing adults. Positive reinforcement encourages good behavior and creates enjoyable learning experiences.

  • Cognitive: Cognitive progression in toddlers means less "trial and error" and more deliberate actions as well as a longer attention span and a preference for particular people, places and things.




Our curriculum specifically addresses toddlers' rapid growth and development by catering to their readiness cues, with older toddler curriculum focused on preparing for preschool and beyond. When they display interest or signs of emerging skills, we can encourage them to move to the next challenge.

Here, children are constantly stimulated to be creative and curious. They learn because they want to know more! We accomplish this in our early education program by focusing on each child's individual needs. 



As a toddler parent, it's important to closely follow their progress and know what's happening during their day. We know it's hard to be apart and wonder what your child is doing. That is why we make it a priority to keep you connected.